About Us

Z. B. P. Eldis is a private limited liability company, set up in 1988 which is based on many years of experience of Gdansk Electrotechnical Institute in ship industry. More than 40 types of electrical equipment have been already designed and manufactured in our company. Our electrical equipment is installed on offshore electrical distribution systems and on ships sailing in the world's sea area. The equipment complies with the International standards and rulles as confirmed by Approval Certificates. All the products are designed to work in very hard conditions such as sea water environment, dust, pollution, wide range of temperatures and mechanical demage hazard.

Therefore their cases are made of brass or aluminium and they are tight. Our electrical equipment can be useful or indispensable in all difficult conditions which are found in mining, chemical industry and others. Our control cases can be useful in all areas of machine-building industry. As we are also a research company we are ready to manufacture any other equipment according to customer's needs.
We hope that all above mentioned qualities of our products and competitive prices will be of interest to yourselves and that you will become our regular customer in the nearest future.